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2009-04-13 05:22:40 by kris008

The Mini Game Collab is now released!!! With a score of 3.64, http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/

Diddn't do as well as i expected it would do but looking forward to taking part in a bigger better one.

Released a game yesterday only spent about 30mins in the making 'Spice up your sex life' this was a game for couples to play together where they roll 2 dice and person who rolls lowest does a task stated.
However i removed this as it diddnt break the 2.0 mark reasons being it had no music/animation or preloader and some people thought some of the tasks wasn't suitable, maybe i will do these things and re-submit.

iCandy breaks the 70,000 views mark!!!

iCandy2 brought to a halt and probably wont be compleated till next year now :(

Krilze productions still not up and working yet either, just had no time to do anything to it.

No longer in Randomness collab...i think, haven't heard from the collab organiser for months.
Micromachines game still no progress made on it since my last news update.

Projects still to begin:
iBunny Art Gallery
Minigame Collab 2


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2009-06-29 08:29:44

HAHAH Minigame Collab 2 sounds awesome!
but that wont be for awhile this collab will be my one until about 4-5 months down the track but yeah, instead ive taken over the Randomness collab
http://www.newgrounds.com/bbs/topic/1 076236 check the old collab to see that ive made progress with it.
and ive got a bunch of games coming out myself and i should have one out next month you might wanna check it out me and my partner ShortMonkey are making heaps of games and the collab preview one should be out next month too so i got heaps i look forward to eye candy and minigame collab 2 btw!


2009-09-12 22:27:08

I'm workin' on your mini-game's art, sir :3